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INFO: You do not have to wear face masks in our attractions

General questions concerning covid-19





Please respect our rules

Køb din billet online
We recommend to buy you ticket online.
Hold afstand til andre gæster
Keep a distance – and show respect.
Vask dine hænder tit og brug håndsprit
Wash your hands regularly
Bliv hjemme hvis du er syg
Stay at home if you feel ill
Host eller nys i dit ærme
Cough or sneeze in your sleeve
Undgå håndtryk
Avoid handshakes



Your responsibility as a guest as to Covid-19

We have done a lot of initiative to minimize the risk of infection in the park, but it is a shared responsibility. As a guest you have following responsibilities:

Guests must read and follow all instructions on signs and from our staff. If you as a guest do not follow these instructions, you can be expelled from the park without refund of your ticket.

All guests engage to act respectful to other guests but also the parks staff and our facilities.

We have amusements that can influence your body because of G-effect. Therefore do not try amusements or other activities if you are influenced by alcohol, drugs, strong medication or anything similar that can affect your sense, reflexes or coordination ability. The same thing applies if you are sick, recently operated or anything similar. We can not guarantee that your possible sickness will be worsened. It is your responsibility if you try it anyways and your condition get worse.

You can orientate you about our height restrictions here:

Is BonBon-Land open for season 2020?

Yes! BonBon-Land is opening friday the 19th of June. If there happens any changes in the authorities guidelines that changes our opening plans we will keep this page updated.

What are BonBon-Land doing to minimize the risk of infection in the park?

We follow the authorities guidelines in proportion to COVID-19 and have done following initativ to minimize the risk of infection:  

  • Range markers in various queues
  • Increased cleaning
  • Placing handsanitizer by the entrances and exits
  • Cleaning with sanitizer on exposed areas on regular intervals
  • Extra employees who will provide guidance about our guidelines

Unfortunately the following amusements is closed: Miniland, BonBio-4D, Hestorado, Den Hemmelige Verden (virtual reality amusement) and Pelle Piratsprøjt.

What can i do as a guest to help minimize the risk of infection?

You can as a guest make sure to take consideration and take care of yourself and other guests and make sure to follow the Danish Health Authorities guidelines: Remember:

  • Keep a distance
  • Keep a good hand hygiene

Luckily we have a lot of space in BonBon-Land. A lot of open green areas with tables and benches where you can enjoy your food or take a break with a good distance from other guests.  


What does it mean for me if I have bought a ticket to a day before the opening, friday the 19th of June?

If you have bought tickets to a day from the 25th of April 2020 and to our new opening you can use them on a optional day in the rest of the season 2020. We will make them valid to a optional day in the season regardless the initial price. You do not have to do anything.

Beyond that our general conditions for tickets and seasonpasses still apply.


What does it mean for me that have bought a seasonpass for 2020?

For everyone who have bought a seasonpass before the 10th of May is the validity extended a year ahead from our opening date, the 19th of June (i.e. until the 18th of June 2021.) This is ONLY valid for seasonpasses bought before the 10th of May. You do not have to do anything. We will make sure it is extended in our system.

What does it mean for me who wants to buy a seasonpass now?

When buying your season pass for 2020 now - you have 2021 for free


Which attractions can I try?

We keep the indoor attractions closed. That applies: Miniland, BonBio-4D and hestorado.

Furthermore, is Den Hemmelige Verden (Virtual reality attraction) and Pelle piratsprøjt also closed.

Because of the authorities guidelines for our re-opening can some of our attractions only run with limited capacity. Some of the attractions (i.e. Svend Svingarm and Viktor Vandorm) can only run with few company at a time – and in other aatractions there is distance requirements which shall be respected. Some times there will be cleaning in the attractions which will close the attractions in a short break. We will do anything to limit the wait but it can not be avoid that there will be increased queue time in some attractions. You can see the guidelines here for the individual attractions and what capacity they run with:

Svend Svingarm >>

Vildsvinet >>

Cobratårnet >>

Albatossen >>

Bæver Rafting >>

Vandrotten >>

Hankatten >>

Kragetræerne >>

Viktor Vandorm >>

Søløven >>


What changes is there for our eatery because of Covid-19?

We follow the authorities guidelines. You have to wear a facemask when entering indoor restaurants and cafes - in the park this is Annas Mokka. There will be handsanitizer by our entrances and exits and range markers on the floor that we ask our guest to respect. More places we have changed our assortment so there is more to-go. 

We have decided to keep our buffet in Junglerestauranten closed this year. 

Beyond that we have a lot of areas with tables and benches. The benches have good space and here you can enjoy you food you have brought from home. 


What changes is there for our shops because of Covid-19?

We follow the authorities guidelines. We have range markers on the floor and asks our guests to respect our guidance.

Children below 90 cm are free - best price online


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