Service and Information

At BonBon-Land we offer a wide range of services. 

Our Service Centre is the hub of a lot of the assistance and services we can offer. The Service Centre is manned throughout the amusement park’s opening hours, and we can assist you with any questions that you might have, and the service Centre is also where you can rent a cart or a luggage locker.

In addition, at the Service Centre, we can also help you upgrade your ticket to a Season Pass, take your photo for the Season Pass, or sell you a Weekly Pass - our helpful staff are always ready to lend a helping hand and are there to provide you with the best experience possible!

Did you hurt yourself? Or could you use an extra nappy?
At the Service Centre,we also have plasters if you’ve scratched yourself. If you need a nappy for your baby, we can also help just drop by and ask.


If you need a pushcart to trundle your things around in while you are enjoying yourselves in the park, then you can rent one from us. It’s also big enough for small children with tired little legs to have a little rest.

Pushcarts can be rented at our Information and Service Centre.

We have plenty of them, but we do occasionally run out, particularly later in the day when it’s busy in the high season.. So if you want to be sure of renting one, rent it as soon as you enter the park.

It is not possible to reserve a pushcart in advance.

Pushcarts cost DKK 70.00 to rent for a whole day.

have a great day at BonBon-Land!

Luggage lockers

Doesn’t it really annoy you? You need to take all that stuff with you, but who wants to lug a big bag around with them? No one! Rent a luggage locker at BonBon-Land and leave your hands free, when you’re riding on all the fun attractions.


  • 3 hours DKK 30.00
  • 6 hours DKK 40.00
  • 1 day DKK 50.00


  • 3 hours DKK 40.00
  • 6 hours DKK 50.00
  • 1 day DKK 60.00

Please note that the lockers are emptied every night.

Baby Service Center

When families visit BonBon-Land, it’s time for everyone to have fun together and especially to spend time with the littlest ones. So if you bring your baby with you to BonBon-Land, you are always welcome to drop into our Baby Centre.

Here, you can nurse or change your baby in peace and there is also a microwave available if you need to warm your baby’s food. At BonBon-Land, we’ll also provide a free nappy when you need to change junior. You will have to pick up the nappy at our Information though.

The baby service Centre is open throughout the amusement park’s opening hours, and you’ll find it right by La Fiesta.

Buy Seasonpass for 2024

Buy Seasonpass for 2024


DKK 199.00 - 309.00