Kids’ Club

Join BonBon-Land’s Kid’s Club - it’s free. 

The 2022 season starts in April, where the Kid's club will be ready!

When you sign up for this fun club here, you’ll receive a month’s worth of benefits and much more. You can be a member of the club until your 18th birthday. 

Why not join our Kids’ Club? Join here and receive a newsletter every month. 

We can only send you THE NEWSLETTER WITH YOUR BENEFITS if you remember to tick both of the 2 fields at the bottom of the subscription form.

As a member, your child will receive the following: 

  • A free birthday present (a different gift each year) which can be picked up at the park* 
  • An exciting benefit at the park every month 
  • Tips on fun things to see in our park every month 
  • A fun newsletter with puzzles, stories, etc.

Give your child a special treat and enrol him or her right away. If you have more than one child who’d like to join up, just fill in a form for each child using your e-mail for both.

* To receive your birthday present , you must present some form of photo ID. The gift can be picked up, up to 14 days after the birthday

Season Pass

Season Pass


DKK 199.00 - DKK 289.00