Parking at BonBon-Land

How to pay for parking

It costs DKK 60.00 per day to park on our parking lot, and it is important that you read this, as we scan your licenseplate when you go in and out of our parkinglot.

Do you have a ticket? Here's how to pay for parking:

  1. Scan the QR-code (found on posters, on signs etc. in the park), or click here
  2. Enter your licenseplate number
  3. Pay for parking

You can only do this, when you have entered our parkinglot, meaning when your licenseplate has been scanned at the entrance of said parkinglot.

Forgot to pay for your parking?
Then you haver to pay within 24 hours after your visit by clicking here

You are free to drop someone off or pick someone up. You just have to leave the parkinglot within 15 minutes. 

Remember to pay

If you do not pay on time, our partner will charge a fee of DKK 300.00 (+ DKK 60.00) for lack of parking

Got a gold - or silver seasonpass? Then you get free parking:

You get FREE parking, if you have a gold or silver 2023 seasonpass, but you HAVE to register your licenseplate the first time you visit us, in the current season.
When you have your physical card, you should either scan the QR-code you find on posters and around the park, or click on this link and then register your seasonpass number and licenseplate number.
It is important that you register everything, BEFORE you leave the parkinglot, or you'll have to pay a fee.

After you register, you are free to park all other days, where you wish to visit us in 2023. - You can register from home, BUT only if you have your physical seasonpass.


I forgot to register my gold or silver seasonpass at my first visit in 2023 - what do I do?
You send an e-mail to – but do it within 24 hours of leaving the park.

Sometimes we drive in a different car? What then?
You can only have one licenseplate registred at the time per. seasonpass. You can switch licenseplate via this link.

Remember to register your Seasonpass

Hvis du ikke har registeret dit sæsonkort før udkørsel ved første besøg, vil vores samarbejdspartner opkræve en afgift på

If you do not register your Seasnopass to your licenseplate before you exit the park at your first visit, our partner will charge a fee of DKK 300.00 (+ DKK 60.00) for lack of parking


Read more about handicapparking HERE>>

Buy a Seasonpass for 2024

Buy a Seasonpass for 2024


DKK 199.00 - 309.00