General contractual conditions


PARQUES REUNIDOS SERVICIOS CENTRALES, S.A. ("PARQUES REUNIDOS") whose head office is located in Madrid, at Paseo de la Castellana 216, 16th floor, 28046, tax identification number A-84.885.441 and registered in file 23.506, Folio 58, sheet M-421.702 of the Trade Register of Madrid, is the owner of the domain, including the website and its content (the website"). The purpose of the website is to provide you with information on products and promotions offered by BonBon-Land and PARQUES REUNIDOS and its subsidiaries (THE PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP), to allow you to purchase tickets and other products online and, where relevant, to make various contact forms, newsletters, competitions, games, questionnaires, etc. from THE PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP available to the users.

Please note that the products and services offered on the website, are sold by BonBon-Land A/S, a company in THE PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP, which operates via the website and is responsible for the administration of BonBon-Land and thereby the sale and/or administration of all products and/or services in connection with BonBon.Land. Information on BonBon.Land is as follows:

BonBon-Land A/S, CVR-no. 18 93 61 35, whose head office is located at Gartnervej 2, DK-4684 Holmegaard, Denmark.

Customer Service: +45 55 53 07 00. Call charges will not exceed the applicable rate.

You can also contact Customer Service at the following e-mail address:


These general contractual conditions and terms apply to the relationship between THE PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP and every user that purchases products or services via the website ("general contractual conditions").

These general contractual conditions have been prepared in accordance with The Information Society Services Act including particular aspects of electronic commerce (“The E-Commerce Act”) and the Consumer Act (”Forbrugeraftaleloven”), that regulate particular aspects of electronic services.

These general contractual conditions are available at any time in the online paragraph on purchasing at PARQUES REUNIDOS’ website and can be printed out and/or saved by the user.

1. Information before purchasing

These general contractual conditions define the general conditions for the services offered by THE PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP on their website, and , in particular, the services currently offered by THE PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP, the sale of certain types of entrance tickets and season passes to the leisure parks administered by THE PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP and other products offered on the website.

The sale of PARQUES REUNIDOS Group’s entrance tickets, season passes and other products that are offered on the website can be subject to fees. The prices for the individual products (inclusive VAT) are stated in Danish kroner and the value of any promotional campaigns and discounts will always be stated on the website. Prior to purchasing, the total price will be broken down into whatever diiscounts(promotionaloffers that apply (depending on the circumstances), fees which the purchaser has to pay, and other extra costs for additional services or the use of various methods of payment.

There is no charge for viewing the information on the website.

1.1 Procedure

In order to buy one of the products and/or services available o the website, you must be at least 18 years of age, and must follow the instructions in each step of the purchasing process on the website’s `PURCHASE´ section and fill out the online forms with the required information. By filling out the forms, you are assumed to have read, understood and accepted the general contractual conditions and any special conditions depending on what is relevant. You declare that you have understood, and accepted that such a procedure is necessary in order to gain access to the products and services offered under the section PURCHASE on the website.

Your rights and obligations during and after your purchase are subject to these contractual conditions, the general terms and conditions for using the website, any relevant special contractual conditions and rules of operation [Parkregler - Bonbonland].

The purchase is formalised by completing all steps in the section `PURCHASE´ on the website. These general contractual conditions and any special terms and conditions for purchasing, if any apply, will form part of our agreement with you, when you fill out and send the purchasing information stated in the section `PURCHASE´.

By visiting the website and using the services available you are assumed to have accepted the general terms and conditions for using the website, these general contractual conditions and, if so, the special contractual conditions if applicable, and which are valid for the purchase of entrance tickets, season passes and/or other products and services available on the website.

You hereby declare that you have the necessary legal capacity to be bound by these general contractual conditions, to use and, where appropriate, make purchases on the website in accordance with the special contractual conditions that apply from time to time, and which you hereby declare that you know, fully understand and accept. You are liable for any purchase of products or services that you make.

1.2 Documentation and language

These general contractual conditions are available online at PARQUES REUNIDOS' website at any time under the section ´PURCHASE´. You are welcome to print out and save a copy of them..

If you purchase entrance tickets, once your purchase is complete, and no later than twenty-four (24) hours after your purchase has been completed, we will send you a receipt for your purchase ("ticket") with a unique code by e-mail. The ticket is your entrance ticket to the park. Damaged tickets or tickets that have been forged, will be invalid.

Unless otherwise expressly stated in the special contractual conditions, entrance tickets purchased on the website are only valid for the date stated on the ticket.

If you purchase a season pass or another product and/or service on the website, you will also receive a receipt for the purchase ("ticket") by e-mail 24 hours after your purchase has been completed. Before you purchase, the special contractual conditions that apply to your product and/or service, be available to you on the website.

Once the online purchase has been completed, and the relevant ticket has been issued, no changes or refunds can be made, except under the conditions that are expressly stated under the special contractual conditions and/or in the conditions that apply. Please contact, if you have any questions.

These normal contractual conditions are written in Danish and the purchasing process will be carried out in that language.

1.3 Technical resources

The website is designed to warn you of any errors you make when entering your data in the forms shown on the screen during the purchasing process.

1.4 Changes to the general contractual terms and conditions

These general contractual terms and conditions are valid from the date of the last update (provided at the end of this document). In accordance with the requirements pertaining to good faith, fairness and transparency, THE PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP reserve the right, at any time, to change these general contractual conditions and any special contractual conditions that may apply, as well as other general or special conditions, conditions of use or notifications that may apply. Changes come into force immediately after publication and apply only to users that access the website after the date on which any such changes come into effect. To avoid any misunderstandings occurring, in the event that these general contractual conditions change, THE PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP will respect the obligations it has entered into with the users beforethe date such changes came into effect in strict compliance with consumer protection rules.

Before purchasing products or services, you can access the general contractual terms and conditions and, if relevant, the special contractual conditions. PARQUES REUNIDOS reserve the right to, at any time, change the website’s layout, location, content and terms of use.

1.5 Changes and refunds (“right of withdrawal”)

Unless expressly stated in the special contractual conditions for your product and/or service, we do not exchange or refund products with a specific use-by date or period in accordance with Section 18 (2, no 12) and other applicable legislation covering this area.

In other words, this means that the right of withdrawal does not apply in this instance due to the special nature of this product.

1.6 Price and method of payment

The price of the chosen products and/or services are displayed before the purchase is made and include all valid taxes and fees.

The website supports the following methods of payment: credit cards and MobilePay.

PARQUES REUNIDOS guarantees that suitable precautionary measures have been taken and that these precautionary measures are in accordance with the current technological security standards, such as "Verisign". Access to transaction services and services that involve the collection of personal data, are carried out in a secure environment using the SSL Protocol (Secure Socket Layer) with 128-bit high security encryption. This secure server establishes a connection, so the information it sends is encrypted. It ensures that all content that is sent is only able to be understood by the “user”- the computer and the PARQUES REUNIDOS server. The users can see that they are in a secure environment, if a closed padlock is shown in their browser. A certificate issued by Verisign indicates that the security of the PARQUES REUNIDOS server is guaranteed. This certificate guarantees that the user is transferring their data to one of PARQUES REUNIDOS’ servers and not to a third party.

As part of their commitment to preventing fraud, PARQUES REUNIDOS will cooperate with any payment platform that is used for the purchase of products that are available on the website, and with the competent authorities by supplying information on any transaction if required to do so, provided that all applicable legal requirements are complied with at all times.

1.7 Acceptance of the special contractual conditions and the park’s rules of operation regulations.

By purchasing a product via the website, you accept the general contractual conditions and the special contractual conditions that apply to the purchased products and services, as well as the park’s rules of operation which can be found at [Park regulations - Bonbonland]. read them carefully before you make your purchase.


If you are not satisfied with your purchased product and/or service, please contact Bonbon-Land at You can also submit your claim via the platform for online dispute resolution via the following link, which the EU Commission has made available.



  • Your entrance ticket allows you access to the amusement park (“the park”).
  • You must not tear up your ticket, falsify or photocopy it. In all of these circumstances, you can be denied entry to the park.
  • You can gain direct access to the park by showing the staff at the entrance your ticket.
  • Persons with disabilities are allowed into the park free of charge with a companion when they show a valid companion card issued by the Danish Association for the Physically Disabled. Seniors must show their ID card at the entrance to the park.
  • If you wish to change the date on your ticket purchased on the website, you need to make the relevant change at the entrance and purchase an additional ticket.
  • Your ticket is valid for the date or period stated on it, and during the opening times stated on the park’s website. To avoid any misunderstandings, the tickets are ONLY valid for the day stated in the field “Date of validity” at the top, except when you purchase a weather ticket. Please check the calendar and the opening times at
  • Purchased tickets cannot be changed afterwards in connection with other promotional campaigns or discounts. As the ticket is issued for a specific date or period, no changes or refunds can be made, see Section 18 (2- no. 12) of the Consumer Act and any other legislation that applies at the current time. In other words, the right to withdraw does not apply to these types of products..
  • Each ticket has a unique bar code, that is only valid for the park once (inclusive Flex Tickets). Once the ticket has been validated, it cannot be used at a later time.
  • If you need to leave the park, please contact the staff at the entrance to be given a stamp so you can come in again free of charge. If you leave the park without notifying them, you will not be allowed in free of charge again.
  • Please keep your ticket with you during your stay in the park and show it to any employee who requests it. 
  • Selling tickets on to a third party is not permitted.
  • We hereby inform you that the park can be closed due to poor weather conditions or for capacity reasons, safety or for public health reasons. BonBon-Land will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible via the website and official profiles on social media.
  • The Park’s Rules of Operation [Park regulations - Bonbonland] are hereby incorporated by reference. The purchase of an item that is available online means that you accept the terms of for online purchasing and accept the parks rules of operation.
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