Photos and Photo Kiosks

You´ll find the funniest photos at our Photo Kiosk.

Our guests take loads of photos in our park and , of course, you’re more than welcome to do so. You can therefore feel free to photograph yourself, your friends and your family while visiting the park and going on rides.

We also have photo kiosks at some of the attractions, where you can purchase photos, keyrings etc to take home as a souvenir of a fun day out. When you go rafting or take a ride on Søløven, look out for the sign – SMILE – and when you get off, you’ll be able to see how funny you or your family look. 

You can find photo kiosks at these attractions:
- Hestepærene
- Søløven
- Vandrotten
- Bæverrafting

Buy Seasonpass for 2024

Buy Seasonpass for 2024


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