BonBon-Land with overnight accomodation

  • rødvig ferieby

    Rødvig ferieby

    Close to Stevns Klint and approx. 35 minutes drive from BonBon-Land is Rødvig Ferieby. There are 26 holiday homes, all with their own bathrooms and kitchens. Each holiday home can accommodate up to 6-8 persons. During the summer there are a lot of different activities for you to enjoy.

  • Dalby hotel

    Dalby Hotel

    In Dalby, 15 minutes drive from BonBon-Land, you'll find Dalby Hotel & Restaurant Bregnen. Here you can enjoy a good nights sleep and a lvoely dinner, before you visit BonBon-Land. There is space for 4 people in each room at the hotel, and breakfast is included in the price for tuesday and sunday.

  • Smålandshavet


    Approx. 20 minutes drive from BonBon-Land brings you to Karrebæksminde on the coast of Smålandshavet. Here, there is plenty of space for the whole family in one of the many holiday homes. There are holiday homes for 3 or 5 persons. If the weather doesn’t let you enjoy a walk on the beach after your day out at BonBon-Land, Smålandshavet has an indoor pool you can visit.   

Buy Seasonpass for 2024

Buy Seasonpass for 2024