People with disabilities

At BonBon-Land, we just want all our guests to have a good day. And naturally that also includes those of you who have a disability. In our Policy for People with Disabilities, we have therefore described the measures we take to ensure that you experience as few difficulties during your visit as possible. We have also described when, for reasons relating to your safety, we have deemed it necessary to introduce regulations and limitations.

Admission and companion card.

If you possess a companion card or documentation showing that you have applied for a companion card from the Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark (Danske Handicaporganisationer) or a membership card from the Danish Association for the Blind (Dansk Blindesamfund), you can take one companion at minimum 15 years of age in for free with you if you have an Annual season Ticket or a Disabled Ticket.

Facilities for the disabled

  • We have 50 parking spaces for close to the entrance – remember to display the disabled parking sticker clearly in the front windscreen.
  • Do you need a wheelchair? Just request one at the Service Center (deposit of DKK 100.00 required). Wheelchairs cannot be reserved in advance.
  • All of our restaurants and ice cream parlours have disabled access.
  • There are toilets for people with disabilities at Anna’s Mokka and Slaraffenland.

Vis Hensyn (Show Consideration) armband

If you have a disability and would like to try our attractions, you and your companion can visit the Service Center and be given a Show Consideration armband to wear. The Show Consideration armband helps our staff to be extra aware that you may have special requirements that they need to take into consideration.

To get a show consideration armband you MUST be able to show a legitimate companion card or a written documentation for being approved for a companion card by Danish Handicap Organizations, or a membership card from the Danish Society for the Blind.

Show Consideration armbands are NOT given to guests with ADHD/autism/other diagnoses unless you have a companion card.

To ensure that you receive the help you need in the event of an evacuation, guests wearing a Show Consideration armband must always have a companion at minimum 15 years of age with them on the attractions.

On some attractions, the responsible companion may wait outside the attraction in an area assigned for this (see the diagram) if the operator consents.

Guests with a disability should wear red armbands

Companions at the minimum age of 15 should wear green armbands

Companions under the age of 15 should wear yellow armbands

Special benefits for you

The Show Consideration armband allows you to bring up to 4 companions with Show Consideration armbands onto the attractions.

By wearing a Show Consideration armband, you can avoid waiting in a queue at most of our attractions – instead you may go into the attractions by way of the exit at all of the attractions except: Hankatten, Hestepærerne, Prærie Expressen, Pelle Piratsprøjt and Rejen (see the diagram). At these attractions, you must use the regular entrance.

Important Safety Regulations

At BonBon-Land, the focus is always on your and our other guests’ safety. That is why all our guests must always comply with the general safety regulations below:

  • You must follow the staff’s instructions.
  • You must follow the restrictions on the signs at the attractions.
  • If you cannot use the safety system as instructed, you should not visit the attraction in question.
  • You must be able, either unaided or with the assistance of your companion, dismount from the attraction without any difficulties and be able to use the evacuation routes.
  • At some of our attractions, it is absolutely necessary that you are able to function on your own. This applies to the following attractions: Bæver Rafting, Den Hemmelige Verden, Hankatten, Rejen, Søløven, Vandrotten, Viktor Vandorm and Vildsvinet. The evacuation routes at these attractions are long and/or difficult to use, which is why it is absolutely necessary that you can function fully and possess normal strength in both arms and both legs.

We hope you’ll have a great day at BonBon-Land. If you have any questions or experience any problems during your visit, please visit our Service Center.



The sunflower lanyard

BonBon-Land is a part of the sunflower lanyard for hidden disabilities. The sunflower lanyard does not substiture or replace our show-care-bracelet or any other part of our "people with disabilities" policy. For more information, READ HERE.

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