Svend Svingarm

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Rides with G-force
To try this ride:
Ride unaccompanied

If you are 140 cm or higher

With a person over 18

If you are 140 cm or higher

For the sake of yours and your unborn child's safety, you are NOT allowed to try this attraction.

There is only one Svend Svingarm in Denmark - and he lives in BonBon-Land. So if you like horses, you should visit him. We guarantee you the swing of your life - and afterwards you can tell all your friends that you have been on Denmark's biggest swing ride of its kind!

You will reach speeds of 117 km/hour as Svend swings you 45 (44,8)  metres up in the air - right up to where the birds fly. The wheel that you are attached to spins at the same time. Expect Svend to zoom you towards the ground at what feels like lightning speed, so you will feel the butterflies in your tummy. It will actually have a 4.5 G force effect, which means that your body will feel 4.5 times heavier than it really is.

Because of the Covid-19 guidelines we can only convey 4 company of max. 4 people at a time. One company defines as the group you come to the park as. You can expect extra queue time.

The signs and rules of the park and the instructions of the staff must always be followed.

Children below 90 cm are free - best price online


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