Type of attraction
 Kids playground
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: Ikke nødvendigt
Forlystelsen må gerne prøves under graviditet.
From 10:00 to Når parken lukker
Accessible for people with disabilities
All Year
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Hang up your pacifier and get a diploma

Suttetræet has stood tall in BonBon-Land since the park was born, and has recieved lots of pacifiers every year from many children. In fact; for many families, it is a tradition to drop by BonBon-Land to hand in their pacifiers at the tree. Over the years, we've recieved pacifiers from more than 70.000 children, who's hung their pacifier on our Suttetræ here in BonBon-Land.

When you've hung your pacifier on the tree, go to our Servicecenter with your mom and dad, and get a diploma. This can be a memento to remember the time that you as a kid, hung your pacifier on our Suttetræ. Suttetræet is located right as you pass Leofarterne. So perhaps your parents can keep you new dimploma safe, while you take a trip around in the Leofart cars - where you can also get a free BonBon-drivers license afterwards 😊

We promise you, Henry Hundeprut and all the other BonBon-animas will take care of your pacifier. 

Please note: Do not take loose items (such as mobile phones) with you on our attractions.

The park’s signs and regulations and the staff’s instructions must always be followed.



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