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Terms of online purchase


1) You must be at least 18 years old in order topurchase tickets/season pass online.

2) BonBon-Land online tickets and season pass are valid for admission to BonBon-Land as indicated on the ticket/season pass. Please note that discounts/promotions cannot be combined. Applicable law on consumer contracts applies to the purchase.

3) The ticket/season pass must be printed on plain white paper and brought or displayed with barcode on the mobile phone. Please note that once a barcode is correctly scanned at the entrance to BonBon-Land, it cannot be re-used. BonBon-Land accepts no responsibility for print errors or subsequent price changes.

4) The ticket/season pass is a personal document and cannot be refunded. The buyer waives the right to have the tickets refunded within 14 days (cf. section 18(2) no. 12 of the Danish Consumer Contracts Act).

5) BonBon-Land can not be held liable for any abuse of the ticket/season pass. This applies if multiple copies of the same ticket/season pass have been printed, if the barcode is not issued by BonBon-Land or if the ticket/season pass is used by a person other than the intended person.

6) Online tickets and season  passes will be delivered to the email address provided shortly after we have received your order - usually within 10 minutes. BonBon-Land accepts no liability for delays in delivery due to technical issues.

7) If you have forgotten your online ticket/season pass receipt, you can state your phone number at our entrance. We will then find your ticket/season pass in our ticket system.

8) If you have purchased food, you will have to bring the receipt. We are not able to see your purchase from the eateries in out system.

9) For security reasons, we reserve the right to close the rides and shows without prior notice if necessary (e.g. in heavy rain). In addition, we reserve the right to stop operating the rides. We reserve the right to dismiss guests who do not comply with the rules of BonBon-Land: https://www.bonbonland.dk/park-regler

10) Questions and complaints can be addressed to: post@bonbonland.dk or by phone to: 55 53 57 00 on weekdays between the hours of 9-15.

11) We continuously photograph our rides and areas in BonBon-Land and use the images on our website, on Facebook, Instagram and similar places. If one or more people are located at the center of the photo, we will always ask for permission from the people involved to use the image, however, on images of many people we will not ask for permission.

We process your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Read more HERE


Your transaction is made with:

BonBon-Land A/S, Gartnervej 2, 4684 Holmegaard, Denmark, info@bonbonland.dk,

Tel.: +45 55 53 07 / Fax 55 53 07 00 CVR No. 26672848 18936135