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Welcome to BonBon-Land

When you visit BonBon-Land our biggest wish is that it will be the funniest day for the whole family. To make sure of that we have some park rules that apply to all guests.

In general, it applies that you always must follow the employees’ instructions and the signs placed in the park.

Below here you will find a short overview of the rules in the park

Allowed physical objects
It is allowed to bring food and drinks to BonBon-Land, but it is not allowed to grill (That applies to all types of grills). It is not allowed to bring roller skates, skateboards, scooters, bikes, music centers, drones, and other remote-controlled toys to the park (Unless you have a preceding written deal with us). Brought food and drinks can be enjoyed in our picnic areas, but not in our queues, in our attractions or areas where our eateries are.

Left goods
It is not allowed to leave your belongings without supervision. If we find belongings that are not under supervision, we will leave them at our Service center where they can be picked up. Other left goods will also be handed in at our Service Center. BonBon-Land cannot be held responsible for potential theft or loss of personal belongings.

BonBon-Land reserve the right to decline drunk guests or guests with any other influence. The same applies to fights or something similar. At any time, it will be BonBon-Land’s decision when we use our right to decline or dismiss guests.

Traffic in the park
It is not allowed to force the hence or any other closed-off areas. In addition to that it is not allowed to swim in our water attractions or lakes (Except “Den våde Delfin” and “Pelle Piratsprøjt”). All traffic and residence in our attractions must the guests respect the guidelines that are shown on signs around the attraction.

In queues, it is not allowed to skip others in the queue or hold a space for others.

BonBon-Land is now a smoke-free park and therefore it is not allowed to smoke in the park. This includes all kinds of smoking!

However, we have selected four smoking areas and therefore it is only allowed to smoke in those areas. Hookah cannot be smoked in or outside de yellow areas. The four smoking areas are marked on our park map that will be passed out at the entrance and on signs around the park. It is not allowed to arrange picnics in the yellow areas.

See park map here:

It is allowed to bring your dog to BonBon-Land if you follow these rules: The dog must stay on a leash during the whole stay, and it cannot be an inconvenience to others in the park. To that, you also must pick up after the dog and you must bring the poo bags yourself. Your dog cannot ride in any of the attractions. It is not allowed to leave the dog in the car when you visit us.

There is video surveillance around in the park. There may be taken pictures for our social media, website, or anything similar. We do not use pictures with only a few or some people without a preceding deal. There will also be taken pictures in selected attractions with the attention to sell them in our photo houses. These pictures will be deleted every night.

Force Majeure
BonBon-Land cannot be liable for damages when an incident happens that is not under BonBon-Land’s control.

That is the case with among other things: war, threat of war, natural catastrophe, nuclear disaster, rebellion, riots, terror activities, threat of terror, unfavorable weather, fire, import prohibition, health crises, epidemics, and similar disease outbreaks, quarantines and isolations recommended by the national authorities.

Information about COVID-19. Read more here:

Special circumstances for disabled. Read more here:

Special circumstances for seasonpass. Read more here:

Conditions with online purchase. Read more here:

Most asked questions. Read more here:

The management reserve the right to change these park rules with preceding notice. That also applies opening schedule and prices.

For further information you are welcome to send an email to

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