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BonBon-Land has excellent offers for schools and nurseries who either want to inject a bit of extra fun into their day or who want to combine education and play. If you are a group of 10+ people, you can take advantage of our special offer.

Our businesspartner Fladså Turist can also help with transport (however only east from Storebælt and except Bornholm). The transportation requires minimum 16 persons. The prices below applies to both pupils and teachers, young children and nursery staff.

Please fill out the boxes below with your information, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Date ranges
Entry (Mon-Fri)
Entry (Sat-Sun + bank holiday)
Transport (Mon-Fri/Sat-Sun + bank holiday)
30/4 – 25/6
Entrébillet: 129,-
Entré inkl. transport (man-fredag): 169,-
Entré inkl. transport (lørdag og søndag + helligdage): 140,- / 155,-
26/6 – 8/8
Entrébillet: 159,-
Entré inkl. transport (man-fredag): 179,-
Entré inkl. transport (lørdag og søndag + helligdage): 140,- / 155,-
Entrébillet: 9/8 – 24/10
Entré inkl. transport (man-fredag): 129,-
Entré inkl. transport (man-fredag): 169,-
Entré inkl. transport (lørdag og søndag + helligdage): 140,- / 155,-

Have a look at our opening calendar to view our opening days (CLICK HERE). REMEMBER we're open in the autumn holiday (week 42).

Book your visit on this page! Please notice that this offer requires that you MUST apply at least 3 working days before arrival by using this form.

NOTICE! It is only possible to pay with EAN-number by applying via this form. It is not possible to pay with EAN-number in the park with out first applying.

Move the education to BonBon-Land
In 2012 we developed a fun and entertaining study material that especillay applies to nature and technique, math and physics. The material is in Danish and aimed for classes from 7. to 9. grade.

The study material is made in cooperation with Ulrik Lundby Hansen who is a former teacher and has great experience with study material development for different ages. The students can make experiments and make measurements in the amusements. Afterwards you can use the study material for further education. 

Easy and free
It is easy and free to download the Danish study material:

7.-9. grade – data collection material 
7.-9. grade – study material 
7.-9. grade – for the teacher 

All study material are pdf-files and you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get Adobe Reader by clicking here.

Fill out the form below and you will recieve a confirmation from us within 1-3 days. You must bring the confirmation upon arrival. 

Children below 90 cm are free - best price online


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