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Welcome to the amusement park BonBon-Land


In BonBon-Land we have quite a lot of attractions awaiting you – both for kids and adults in all ages. We have fun attractions to the very young people, these attraction are i.e. The worm, Henry Dog Fart and  Victor the Water Worm, and we have some more wild attractions for the more courageous and adults visitors, these attractions are Svend Svingarm, The Cobra Tower and The Tomcat

In betweem all the amusements you can visit our restaurants, ice cream shops, candy shops and souvenir stores. All over the park you can find green areas which are perfect for a walk and a great way to get some fresh air. You may even bring your own food. We have tables and chairs placed all over the park.

All attractions are free once you've paid the entrance 

You don't need to worry about tickets in BonBon-Land. Once you've paid the entrance all attractions are free. You can just try one amusement after the other, the only thing you need to have in mind is that all attractions close one hour before the park closes. Make sure you're here in good time that you can try all the attractions.

We have several categories of attractions, some completely wild and crazy and only for the (overly) brave, others much more harmles and everybody likes them. Which ones can you try? Well, it all depends on your height. If you are disabled their might also be some attractions that you can't try with help. That you can read more about in our rules for disabled people.

Try one of our other amusements parks abroad

Bonbon-Land is a part of Parques Reunidos – a Spanish coorporation which owns several parks world wide. We highly recommend these amusementparks, especially if you're on vacation on drives by one of them. In Norway you can i.e. visit the amusementpark Tusenfryd. In Germany we have a park called MoviePark and in Belgium look out for Bobbejaanland. If you buy a season pass in BonBon-Land you also get great benefits in other Danish amusement parks like Djurs Sommerland og Givskud Zoo.


Children below 90 cm are free - best price online


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