Top 3 this instant: Attractions, candy and the opening

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Hi guys,

Thanks for all the questions from you (about candy, attractions, opening hours etc). I've decided to write down the top 3 of all your questions. Maybe it can help you. My friend Viggo Wild Boar think it's silly, but I like the idea. So, here's the top 3 of the most frequently asked questions just now:

1. How tall (or how old) must a child be to try your attractions?

Answer: It all depends on your height. When a child becomes higher than 90 cm we have 14 attractions the child can try together with an adult older than 18 years. All of this are explained at each attraction (and on our website) and at the page: ”THIS YOU CAN TRY”.

2. Where can I buy your candy?

Answer: Way back in 2001 BonBon-Land sold all the candy trademarks to Toms, so that's 18 years ago. However, you can still buy the delicious treats in our shops in the park, but the trademarks to the candy and the production of it is now owned by Toms.

3. When will you open again?

Answer: We will open on Saturday 27th April 2019 at 10.00. As usual Næstveds mayor, Carsten Rasmussen, will open the park officially for the season 2019. I will promise to write more about that later, but right now I have to get some sleep.


See you. And don't forget to ask me if you have any questions.