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We do not just have one roller coaster in BonBon-Land, but a total of six roller coasters.


Do you like speed, wild loops and rotating roller coasters? Then you are in for a treat in BonBon-Land amusement park. We are a big amusement park in Zealand, just outside Næstved. To be exact, you will find BonBon-Land in the small town of Holme-Olstrup, where we have many fun and exciting rides and amusements, for young and old. We have something for every taste – including yours.

Henry Hundeprut (Henry Dog Fart) – For the youngest guests

This roller coaster does not have any loops or crazy drops, but it is still very fun for our young guests. This fun roller coaster will make your stomach tickle. Henry Hundeprut might just fart during the ride, but we hope that you will be okay with that.

Viktor Varndorm (Victor Water Worm) – For the younger guests

This roller coaster has some really fun hills where you can experience true speed. The exciting part of this roller coaster is, that it goes through the water, but do not worry, you will not get wet. For a more fun experience, we recommend you to sit in one of the rear carts.

Vandrotten (The Water Rat) – A water ride that splashes to every side

In the sewage system of The Water Rat you will experience fun water slides. We think it is a fun ride, but you should not relax too much. Suddenly, it goes downhill and we promise you this, there will be some big splashes. Hold on tight, and if you do not want to get wet, wear your rainwear and some Wellingtons. Not that this will be necessary, but now you have been warned.

Rejen (The Shrimp) – A slide with water and rubber boats

The Shrimp is a very fun water slide. First you have to get to the 5th floor, where the slide begins. Here you are given a rubber boat, which you have to sit in. When you get the green light, you will be sent down the slide, which has some fun camel humps. Hold on tight, because it goes fast downhill.

Hankatten (The Tomcat) – A crazy rotating roller coaster

The Tomcat is quite the wild ride. It goes up and down through the bends and curves of this roller coaster. But this is not enough; the cart rotates at the same time. Therefore, if you are afraid of being spun around, you should stay away from this one. Because The Tomcat has gotten a little crazy from all the spins.

Vild-Svinet (The Wild Boar) – As crazy as it gets

Our absolute craziest roller coaster in BonBon-Land is The Wild Boar. The fun begins at 22 meters altitude with a freefall towards the ground. From here it goes through the 400 meter long track, with steep bends, downhill and even a crazy loop, where you will be upside down, all at the speed of lightning. You can scream for your mother, but she cannot help you here. In this roller coaster we can guarantee a lot of fun.

In BonBon-Land you can find many other rides and amusements. You can read more about them here.

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