The great fire & rescue show

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The Great Fire & Rescue Show (22nd June)

The Great Fire & Rescue Show

Meet a lot of firefighters, foam and firetrucks, when Middel & Southzealand fire & rescue visit us again. Saturday, 22nd of June from 10.30 – 15.30 on the lawn behind Hankatten. 

Today’s program: 

10.30-11.30: Get up and down in a fire ladder**

12.00-12.15: Show with a rescue in a smoky house

12.15-13.00: Get up and down in a fire ladder **

13.30-14.30: Get up and down in a fire ladder**

14.30-15.00: Foam Show*

15.00-15.30: Get up and down in a fire ladder**

10.30-15.30: Opportunity to walk between 4 stations: Heart/lung rescue, extinguishing gas fire, car cutting and firefighter relay. 

These are action and educational experiences for your children. 

*Staying in foam is at your own risk. Remember to change clothes if you and your child is to play in the foam. 

**occasionally, it is possible that the carriage should have a few minutes break. it is solely the firefighters how decide when to take a break.  

Price: Regular admission 

Admission is always free, if you have a season pass. 

We take reservations for cancellations and changes due to weather, illness or other unforeseen circumstances.


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