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Try BonBon-Land’s café

We can also highly recommend our café Annas Mokka. As well as coffee and cake, the café also offers paninis and homemade pastasalats, among other things. Food can either be enjoyed at the café or outside on the terrace. In the café, you can also purchase organic beer, warm waffles, soft ice, iced coffee, etc. Anna’s Mokka is located between Albatossen and Hestepærerne

Also remember that if you want to obtain a discount on food and beverages, then it might be a good idea to consider purchasing a Season Pass to BonBon-Land. Our Gold Card entitles you to a whole 20% on all food and beverages in the park. You can read more about the advantages of purchasing a Gold Card HERE.

Anna's Mokka - Pastasalat menu

If you're looking for something healthier, Anna's Mokka is the place for you.
Your choice of pastasalat with 0.7 ltr. water: DKK 69.00

Opens when the park opens, and closes when the park closes.

Find our allergy information here: 

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Buy a Seasonpass for 2024

Buy a Seasonpass for 2024


DKK 199.00 - 309.00