Cowboygrillen (The Cowboy Grill)

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Food type:
Fast Food
Restaurant facilities:
Outside Terrace
Payment Type: Cash and Card
Price Range: Under 100 Dkk

The Cowboy Grill is one of BonBon-Land's fast food eatiries where we serve traditional fast food.

The Cowboy Grill is located in... Yeah, you guessed it: The Cowboy City.

So if you get a little peckish while searching for gold in our gold washing or fighting against family and friends in Hestorado, the Cowboy Grill is just around the corner. 

Here you can get hamburgers, cheeseburgers and chicken skewers with french fries and soft drinks. You can either buy the food separately, or you can buy one of our menus. And if you are extra hungry, you can buy a large burger menu for just DKK 5 extra.

For the smallest guests there is of course a children's menu with a lunch box.

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Children below 90 cm are free - best price online


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