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Public safety regulations for accessing and visiting BonBon-Land


Guidelines for Covid-19

We have opened BonBon-Land for season 2020 which is done following the Danish authorities’ guidelines for Covid-19.

BonBon-Land have implemented a lot of initiative to minimize the risk of infection. We have increased cleaning, created range markers and hand sanitizer is at our entrances and exits of our amusements. Our staff is wearing face shields at some amusements.

We are following the development and there could appear changes in our guidelines.

We hope for your understanding in this unusual situation.

Important: Before your visit

  1. You should be healthy when you visit BonBon-Land. We ask you to postpone your visit if you have had Covid-19 within the past 14 days or have been in contact with persons who have shown symptoms of Covid-19. If you are in the risk group, we ask you to not come to our park.
  2. We recommend purchase of tickets online. We try to have as little of physical contact as possible.

Important: When you are in the park

  1. You must use hand sanitizer before you go into an amusement or an eatery. Hand sanitizer is available by all entrances to all amusements (queue fence) and again at the exit. It is the same at our shops and eatery. You will similarly find instructions on signs in the park.
  2. Please respect our range markers – both at our amusements, eatery etc. Our park is very large and open, which means that we have a lot of space for our guests can keep the necessary distance. It is a personal responsibility that every guest complies with the rules. You can find information on our website and on signs in the park.
  3. Please wash your hands often and thoroughly.
  4. Should you begin to feel sick during your visit with symptoms of Covid-19 please avoid contact with other guests – and seek a doctor.
  5. If you begin to sneeze or cough, then do it in your elbow/arm and never in your hands.
  6. Please respect the staff’s instructions. Guests who do not follow the staff’s instructions will be asked to leave the park and they can not get their ticket refunded.

Notice: The guidelines above can be changed through the season depending on how the situation evolves.

Closed areas/amusements in the park

Our guest’s safety is the most important thing and therefore some areas/amusements will be either closed or running with impaired capacity. This can also be changed through the season. Please be aware of this before you buy your ticket.

See the operating status on our amusements here:


In implementing the measures to be taken by order of the public safety authorities (Sydsjællands og Lolland-Falsters Politi), in order to ensure conditions of safety in areas intended for public gathering, the Management of BonBon-Land A/S has adopted the following Regulations, which the visiting public is obliged to follow when accessing and visiting the Park:

  • People and their clothing, purses, bags, rucksacks, and other items, can be subjected to safety checks and inspections at the entrance, before entering the Park, and inside the Park. The term ‘safety check and inspection’ refers to (1) a limited physical check of the visitor, in order to check for signs of articles with the potential to offend or harm the safety of others or to damage property and things, (2) the inspection of purses, rucksacks, bags, cases, etc., and other personal items in the possession of the visitor. In seeking access to the Park and/or by purchasing the admission ticket, the visitor accepts without reservation that safety checks will be carried out on their person, on their clothes, rucksacks, boxes, bags or other items in their possession, in compliance with the law and the provisions of these regulations. The Management of BonBon-Land reserves the right to deny entry to persons who intend to prevent the checks and inspections referred to above, and to report these circumstances to the competent authority.
  • Consequently the Park reserves the right to restrict access to any type of bag, suitcase or other container as well as its content.
  • Following items are not permitted in the Park: Barbecues, glass bottles, and other illegal items.
  • It is not permitted to leave unattended purses, bags, rucksacks and items of any kind, which, where appropriate, shall be deposited at the storage points next to the attractions or with Guest Services. Items found unattended or unsupervised by Park staff will be placed under surveillance and taken to Guest Services, from where they can be collected. In this case the rightful owner of these items cannot file any claim or complaint against the Park.

Entry to the Park or permanence within it is not permitted for people in possession of firearms, knives, sticks or offensive weapons, including potential weapons. People carrying drugs and/or narcotic substances and people whose appearance has been altered or who have their face covered will also not be permitted to enter.

BonBon-Land Park Regulations

General rules of conduct for the Public

1. Tickets and season tickets purchased at the park entrance or our web shop are not refundable. This also applies if a guest has not achieved a discount using a discount code or a discount card from one of our partners.

2. It is permitted to leave the Park and return on the same day after having been stamped. It is necessary to ask staff at the entrances for this stamp. In the absence of this stamp, to be shown together with the admission ticket, re-entry will no longer be permitted.

3. It is not permitted to enter the Park with bicycles, skates, skateboards, drones, remote-controlled toys and equipment, etc.

5.We advise our guests to be appropriately dressed in the park.

6. Visiting the park is at one’s own risk.
7. Animals are permitted to enter the Park provided that they are duly kept under control – e.g. in carriers, cages - and dogs be kept on a lead. However, it is prohibited their entry into theatres, attractions and restaurants.

8. Visitors must follow the pedestrian walkways inside the Park. It is therefore not allowed to walk on the grass and/or damage plants and flowers. Picnics are only permitted in designated areas such as; picnic tables and green areas.

9. It is strictly forbidden to access areas and/or sectors of the Park closed to the public and/or reserved exclusively for Park staff. Please contact Guest Services to recover any items falling within these areas.

10. It is forbidden to bathe in any of the water features within the Park, with the exception of Den Blå Delfin and Pelle Piratsprøjt.

11. Smoking is prohibited in the access/waiting areas of the attractions, the attractions themselves, performance areas and all other locations where it is expressly forbidden.

12. Behavior that does not conform to the public safety regulations will not be tolerated, such as, for example, fights, vandalism, defamation, harassment, drug abuse, drunkenness, and rallies. Visitors are prohibited to engage in sales and leafleting activities, both within the Park and in the parking area. Likewise visitors must refrain from statements, speech, gestures and written communication.

13. Visitors, prior to purchase of the ticket, must enquire about any issues related to the intake, weather conditions or technical problems that might affect the operation of one or more attractions and overall enjoyment of the Park and/or related services.

14. Lines to attractions may be closed prior to the scheduled closing of the Park, to permit the use of the attractions within the Park’s opening hours for visitors that have previously been waiting in line.

15. Access to theatres and performance areas is permitted until full capacity is reached.

16. Some attractions may not be accessible for maintenance reasons, and may be closed in cases of bad weather or rain, for safety reasons. No ticket refunds will be given in either of these cases. In an emergency, carefully follow the instructions of the Park safety staff.

17. Visitors must make use of the attractions in such a way as to avoid exposure to risks, and carefully and prudently, so as not to create dangerous situations for themselves or others.

18. Visitors must, therefore, comply with the normal rules of prudence, and in particular must:

  • Comply with the requirements specified in signs posted at the entrance to each attraction;
  • strictly follow the instructions on the use of safety systems for the individual attractions;
  • listen carefully to the directions and instructions given by the attraction workers and assistants;
  • refrain from accessing attractions, performances and games which, by their nature, and in line with the limitations of use indicated at the entrance of each attraction and/or performance, are deemed by the Visitor to be unsuitable for them as an individual.

19. From the time they first access each attraction, Visitors have a duty to behave in a responsible and attentive manner and refrain from behavior that contravenes the instructions and requirements for each attraction, and those given by the staff, or that is capable of affecting their personal safety, the safety of other Visitors or the safety of the attractions.

20. Ride passengers also have an obligation to correctly use all the safety equipment and systems provided and present in attractions, immediately notifying Park staff of any defects and/or malfunctions that they may have discovered.

21. The Park may not be held liable in case of theft or loss of property belonging to Visitors. Visitors are advised to deposit, bags, helmets, radios, telephones, etc. in the storage area located at Guest Services.

22. In the interests of Visitor safety, restrictions are in force for each attraction in relation to heightt, and physical or health conditions. All Visitors are invited to scrupulously adhere to the directions for use posted at the entrance of each attraction. Please be aware that some attractions may be prohibited for:

  • Children smaller than 90 cm;
  • Pregnant women;
  • People with disabilities that compromise own personal safety or the safety of others on the attraction.
  • We do not recommend attractions for the elderly and people with heart disease and psychological disorders.
  • Please note that, with the exception of the attractions from which they are expressly excluded, children and/or young people with physical and/or mental disabilities must be accompanied onboard the attraction by a parent or accompanying adult.

23. Please inform Park staff in the event of accident, sickness, loss, etc. Please note that assistance is available in the Park, during opening hours of the park.

24. Video surveillance systems are active in some areas of the Park, for the sole purpose of ensuring safety and safeguarding the company's assets. The images are viewed by security guards and can be consulted by staff or by the public safety authorities. In addition, photographic images are taken at some attractions to be made available for sale as souvenir photos.

25. We continuously photograph our rides and areas in BonBon-Land and use the images for our website, on Facebook, Instagram and media outlets like these. Where there is one or more people at the center of the picture, we will always ask for permission from the people involved to use the image, but on images of many people we will not ask for permission.

26. The Park reserves the right to take, directly or through contracted third parties, photographs, films or other forms of recorded images of people in the park that can be used by the Park or by third parties responsible for the promotion of the Park in own or third party initiatives, for the production of information, editorial, advertising materials and, in general, for the pursuit of its institutional purposes, without the person featured in the recording having any right to payment.

27. The Management reserves the right to make changes without prior notice to the opening calendar, schedules, tariffs and these Regulations.

In cases of non-compliance with these Regulations, offenders will be expelled from the park and the Management will reserve the right, for the most serious cases, to report the facts to the Public Authorities.

The Management


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