Type of attraction
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: 110 cm with companion
Adult Companion Required
110 cm - 125 cm
Do not take this ride if you are pregnant.
From 10:00 to 1 hour before the park close
Disability Access
All Year
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Klaptorsken – the wildest airship!

Ready for the wildest swing ride you´ve ever experienced? Then hop on board our flying ship,Klaptorsken, and hang on to your hat and glasses. Or maybe wearing a hat is not such a smart idea when you try out Klaptorsken, because he’s just crazy about speed and swings.

Get ready to feel the wind in your hair and butterflies in your tummy on this swinging boat trip back and forth and back and forth over the water across our big duckpond.

But even though he’s called Klaptorsken, he knows what he’s doing, and will do his best to give you the best, and wildest flying boat trip you´ve ever had.

You can start looking forward to an experience, that is great fun for children and adults alike!

The attraction is open from 10:00 onwards.

Please note: Do not take loose items (such as mobile phones) with you on our attractions.

The park’s signs and regulations and the staff’s instructions must always be followed.

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