Meet Pelle and Aage – and get a discount on your season pass

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I am back!! I have got my new beautiful fur and am now gearing up for the new season in the amusement park. And I have news for you! have brought two friends of my friends home to BonBon-Land. It is Pelle Pirate Spray and the Seagull Aage.

We have already had some fun days in our park. Aage is really sweet. He has such handsome yellow legs and I think he already looks up to me. I understand why. Pelle seems fun. He needs to settle in furst, but he is after all also a parrot. And being the guide dog, I will own up to my responsibility and take good care of them. However, I am a little curious to see how it goes when they meet Viggo the Wild Boar.

Today I showed them around the park, where a lot is happening. People are painting, digging, cleaning, trimming trees and much more. And then there are some who are working hard on preparing a fantastic event programme for you guests. In fact, there will now be even more event days and there is free admission to all events if you have tickets or a seaon pass.

So if you would like to meet my new friends, try our fun rides again and again and participate in our events, then you better get a season pass. And right now we offer you a season pass at a discount. Our most popular is Pink Plus and you can get it now for ONLY DKK 36 and then it is valid for the ENTIRE 2016 season. Buy it at a discount HERE.

Me and my two new friends look forward to meeting you when everything is prepared and ready.