I am going on TV

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Now it is finally happening. And about time, if I may be so bold! I am going on TV - many times!

The guy next to me is Ulrik who is taping our television series and we have already become good friends. He thinks I look so fantastic in my new fur, so on the opening day he filmed quite a lot.

Ulrik will fequent the amusement park a lot during the Summer and at Hallohviin. In the series "Klar til sommersjov" you can follow the life behind the scenes in BonBon-Land. For what actually happens when the park is closed? And what happens when the park is full on the really hot summer days?

How are the rides prepared and tested? You can see this and much more as of next Tuesday.

A total 10 programmes will be taped, and each programme will contain footage from BonBon-Land and from Sommerland Sjælland. The first four programmes are broadcast in May and June just before theSummer Holiday and the next six in September and October.

Watch TV ØST on Tuesday at 19.55.