Disability policy

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Disability policy 2020In BonBon-Land we wish that all our guests have a good day. Naturally, also you who have a handicap. Therefore, we have described in our handicap policy what we do, so you will experience as few challenges as possible during your stay. For your safety, we have also described when we have rated it necessary to introduce rules and limitations. 

Admission and companion cards

If you have a companion card, or documentation for granting of a companion card from the Danish disability organizations or membership card from Danish hearing impairment society, you are allowed to bring one companion, who are over 18 years old for free. 

Facilities for the disabled
  • We have approximately 50 disabled parking spaces close to the entrance - remember the visible handicap parking card in the windshield.
  • Do you need a wheelchair? Just contact the Service Center (deposit of 100 DKK). Wheelchairs cannot be reserved in advance. 
  • All our eateries and ice cream houses have access for the disabled
  • There are handicap-friendly toilets at Annas Mokka, Bæver Pizza, Henrys Slaraffenland, Jungle Restauranten, Myretuen and Pelle Piratsprøjt. 
Companion bracelet

If you wish to try our rides, you and your companions MUST contact the Service Center and get the companion bracelet that you have to wear during the duration of your visit. The companion bracelet allows our staff to pay extra attention to the fact, that you may have some special needs we should try to take into account.

In order to ensure that you have the necessary assistance in case of evacuation, you must always have at least one companion over the age of 18 in the rides.  

In some rides the companion can be at least 16 years old (see table). Also in some rides the companion can wait outside on a shown place, arranged with the operator.

  • The disabled person must wear a red bracelet
  • Companions over the age of 18 must wear green bracelets
  • Companions between 16 and 18 years must wear blue bracelets
  • Companions under the age of 16 must wear yellow bracelets
Special benefits for you

The companion bracelets allows you to take up to four companions with companion bracelets up in the rides.

With the companion bracelet you can avoid queuing at several of our rides - You may go through the exit on all rides except: Hankatten, Hestepærerne, Hestorado, Pelle Piratsprøjt and Rejen (see table).

Important safety rules

In BonBon-Land we always focus on the safety of you and our other guests. Therefore, all our guests must always comply with the following general safety rules: 

  • Following the instructions given by the satff
  • You must follow the restrictions on the signs at the rides
  • If you cannot use the safety system intended, do not use that ride. 
  • You must be able to get on and off the rides and use evacuation routes without any problem at your own or your companion's assistance
  • For some of our rides, it is strictly necessary that you are self-supporting. Therefore, as a wheelchair user you must not try these rides. This applies to Bæver Raftingen, Cobra Tårnet, Den Hemmelige Verden, Rejen, Viktor Vandorm and Vildsvinet. 

We hope you have a good day in BonBon-Land. If you have any questions or experience any challenges during your visit, please contact the Service Center.