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Disability policy for the amusement park BonBon-LandTo ensure a fair and equal treatment of all guests, we have the following disability policy in BonBon-Land.

Price and one free escort

Guests with disabilities must pay entrance equal to BonBon-Land’s other guests. On presenting a valid escort card, the disabled can bring one escort free of charge, as long as the escort is of the age of 18, or older. In order to bring the escort free of charge, the ticket must have been purchased at BonBon-Land’s entrance or via www.bonbonland.dk. It is not possible to make use of tickets purchased elsewhere. The same applies to season tickets. The disabled guest and the escort MUST at all times wear the Show Consideration bracelet when trying the rides

All disabled guests can, from the 2017 season, bring up to 4 escorts, when they want to try a ride. This requires a Show Consideration bracelet (see below).

If you are in a wheelchair

Wheelchair users are very welcome in BonBon-Land, but for safety reasons are NOT allowed on following rides: Beaver Rafting, Vildsvinet, Hankatten, The Cobra Tower, Hestorado, Leo-Farterne, Pelle Piratsprøjt and Rejen. As it is strictly necessary for the safety to be self-supporting (one has to be able to exit the ride by one-self) in these specific rides. You must be able to get in and out of the ride with the help of your escort.

Guests with other disabilities

The disabled can with 4 escorts, who are warring the Show Consideration bracelet, will be allowed to enter the following rides via the exit: Søløven, Henry Hundeprut, Vandrotten, Den Skøre Skildpadde, Dragen, Klaptorsken, Albatossen, Ormen, Svend Svingarm, Victor Vandorm, Mågeklatterne og Bæver Rafting. (See table).

Because we offer you to bring 4 escorts on the rides, one can NOT get an extra trip right away. At the remaining rides the regular entrance must be used.

Please not that the restrictions on the signage at the rides must be abided.

If the disability hinders the safety systems on the rides, one may not try that specific ride. Guests must be able to get on and out of the rides by the help of the escort or by oneself, as well as use the escape routes like other guests.

Show Consideration bracelet

The disabled guest and the escort MUST at all times wear the Show Consideration bracelet. The bracelets are given in our Service Center. The disabled guest must at all times be accompanied by one escort of the age of 18 or older, as the escort must assist in the case of an emergency. The disabled guest must wear a red Show Consideration bracelet, escorts of the age of 18 or older must wear a green Show Consideration bracelet, and escorts younger than 18 years must wear a yellow Show Consideration bracelet. This means that the disabled always must be accompanied by an escort with a green Show Consideration bracelet.

The disabled guest must be able to get on and out of rides, and use evacuation route by oneself, or by the help of the escort.

The bracelet BonBon-Land’s staff and other guest aware that they shall show consideration. Therefore one shall never remove ones bracelet as long one visit BonBon-Land. If the disabled guest or any of the escorts remove their bracelet during the visit, they will be charged the entrance fee when exiting the park. Therefore, it is important that the disabled is accompanied by an escort aged 18 or older on any ride.

Facilities for disabled

There are parking place for disabled near the entrance (Disabled parking card must be place in the front windscreen). There are toilets for disabled throughout the park. Wheelchair can be rented in the Service Center in the park. However, they cannot be reserved in advance. There are no lifts at the rides.

What is an escort card?

A valid escort card must be from; DSB, a Children’s Escort Card or a membership card from The Danish Association of Blind. The DSB escort card and the Children’s Escort Card are administered by the Danish Disabled Organization’s Use Service.

April 2017

Mattis Willms

Adm. Direktør BonBon-Land A/S