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Ride unaccompanied

If you are 150 cm or higher

With a person over 18

If you are 70-150 cm high

Would you like to see BonBon-Land and our many rides from the sky? Then jump aboard Åge Mågeklat and fly over part of the park. It's great fun seeing the theme park and the rides from a bird's eye view - and all the other guests look like tiny ants from up there.

Åge Mågeklat is not a jet plane. He thinks you need to get the most out of the ride, so he travels very slowly, to give you time to take it all in and wave to all your friends and family down on the ground.

Remember that you can buy Mågeklat (Seagull droppings) sweets in our shops.

The signs and rules of the park and the instructions of the staff must always be followed.

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Children below 90 cm are free - best price online


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