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To try this ride:
Ride unaccompanied

If you are 130 cm or higher

With a person over 18

If you are 110-130 cm high

For the sake of yours and your unborn child's safety, you are NOT allowed to try this attraction.

Have you ever tried a roller coaster that goes up and down and spins both at the same time? Would you like to? Then jump on board Hankatten – one of BonBon-Land's more outrageous rides.

This tomcat  isn't one of those cute little kittens that purrs quietly in his basket. The tomcat is a really wild cat, maybe even the wildest of its kind.  You get to go on a crazy rotating roller coaster, where the cars spin round and round while you travel up and down the steep and bendy drops. Once you have been fastened into Hankatten, the wild adventure begins, and you won't get through it without screaming - with laughter of course!

Because of the Covid-19 guidelines we only convey 1 group at a time. One group defines as the group you come to the park with. You can expect longer queue time.

The signs and rules of the park and the instructions of the staff must always be followed.

Children below 90 cm are free - best price online


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