Den Hemmelige Verden / "The Secret World"

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If you are 120 cm or higher

For the sake of yours and your unborn child's safety, you are NOT allowed to try this attraction.

Den Hemmelige Verden / "The Secret World"

Come on a wild journey to “The secret world” under the lake in BonBon-Land.

The popular Viktor Vandorm has become two rides in one. The first half is still Viktor Vandorm, while the latter half is for those who want to travel to “The Secret World” with VR-glasses.

You and your child over 120 cm can get VR-glasses and just wait and see an exciting new world as you ride the roller coaster. It is not possible to experience and sense it all in just one single round.

At the same time, you can try the latest VR-glasses on the market, developed exactly for an amusement. It is also the first one in Denmark where the VR-experience is interactive.

The film is not scary, but you will experience one or two surprises during the ride. It is part of making it fun. If you are in doubt whether your child over 120 cm enjoys it, you should also be on the ride. The ride is also for adults. Enjoy.  “The secret world” is quite special – and a bit wild.

The attraction is open from 11.00

Notice: You are not allowed loose items in our rides.

The signs and rules of the park and the instructions of the staff must always be followed.

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