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Free fall
To try this ride:
Ride unaccompanied

If you are 130 cm or higher

With a person over 18

If you are 130 cm or higher

For the sake of yours and your unborn child's safety, you are NOT allowed to try this attraction.


Do you enjoy a nice view? Then a ride in the Cobra Tower is something for you. Nice and gently you climb higher and higher into the air, until you can see right across the tree tops – maybe even all the way to Karrebæksminde.

And you can look down at all the other people in the park, who will look like tiny ants. If you look hard enough, you might see us waving at you. Just as you are sitting up there relaxing, you will suddenly be plunged towards the ground in a free fall, so that your eyes go dizzy and your whole body tingles.

But don't worry, right at the last minute you will be saved by a nice soft landing - before you shoot straight back up into the air again, like a coiled spring. Plenty of butterflies in your tummy and wind in your hair to be had here! A super fun ride for big kids and adults.

Because of the Covid-19 guidelines we only convey 2 groups with max. 3 people at a time. One group defines as the group you come to the park with. You should expect more queue time.

The signs and rules of the park and the instructions of the staff must always be followed.

Children below 90 cm are free - best price online


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