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Water ride
To try this ride:
Ride unaccompanied

If you are 140 cm or higher

With a person over 18

If you are 110-140 cm high

For the sake of yours and your unborn child's safety, you are NOT allowed to try this attraction.

Do you like rafting tracks? Then you should make friends with Børge Beaver. He is ready to give you the longest rafting ride in all of the Nordics. Yes, you have read it correctly: We have the longest rafting track in the Nordics - a whole 553 meters long! Our rafts are built on massive air pads, and each raft can fit 6 people, so bring your friends or family with you.

Get ready to have a real laugh - and to get a bit wet too. You will also come across some naughty beavers along the way, and some of them have a water canon so remember to duck if you don't want water in your hair.Finally you will go through an enormous and deafening waterfall, which we think is quite impressive. 

Enjoy this super fun ride offering a beaver-tastic experience without equal in all of Scandinavia.

The attraction is open from 11.00.

Because of the Covid-19 guidelines we only convey 1 group at a time. One group defines as the group you come to the park with. You can expect longer queue time.

In each boat Each child from 110-140 cm must be accompanied by one adult

Children below 90 cm are free - best price online


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